Tuesday, November 20, 2012

World Bank on Africa

If you are interested in Africa, the World Bank has a free ebook here.

Africa - Yes Africa Can has studies  that "Sheds Light on Policies behind Africa’s Development Successes".

The book shows how growth has usually been achieved by stabilizing government, reforming policies, and listening to the people.

I am writing a series of article on Africa for the Africa Star News.  If you have suggestions on articles that you think might be interesting, please leave them in the comment section.  I have wondered what role the exchange rate has in the direction of trade, Fair Trade Coffee, corruption, freedom, and logistics play in the development of a country.

This author believes that statistics in Africa are derived from poor metrics.

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  1. Perhaps along the lines of logistics...One of the primary hinderances/limitations to growth in many African countries is the lack of physical infrastructure to move goods from one place to another. China as of late has been a big but quiet spender on infrastucture in countries where they want to "exploit" natural resources. They have been rather generous in that regard, from what I understand. Other than institutional reform (i.e. private property rights) poor infrasturcture is a major impediiment to econ growth. Hope this helps. :)