Saturday, December 08, 2012

Fifty Shades

From the course description:

The course description promises to explore: “the interplay of sexuality, health, public relations and marketing. Topics covered include feminism, addiction, social media marketing, sexual expression versus sexual repression, targeting the mom demographic, domestic violence, literary criticism, and relationship and identity forming. The course also relies on academic texts, online resources, lectures, and guest speakers.”

It is my contention that a college is a profit maximizing entity.  Offering a course that adds little value to human capital is only a product differentiating and branding move.   I contend that the move will indeed make the college increase revenue.

The class might be a positive externality with spillover benefits.  These benefits might inspire more students to take writing classes and learn more about psychology, but I doubt it.  

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  1. I am not one who walks away from a book once I start it, but I only made it half way through the first book and was bored to tears. I asked a friend who had read all of them to tell me if my predictions were correct about the story line, and I was dead on, and therefore able to walk away from them and move on (to Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol - very good read!). I have never read a book more poorly written, so it's sad that they have a course dedicated to it! That being said, I should say I borrowed instead of bought, so their marketing didn't work on me... ;)