Friday, December 28, 2012

Learning Curve

I've often thought about Bloom's Taxonomy as an integrated model. For example, suppose I want to draw a house in perspective. I need all of the levels in the taxonomy to draw the house. I have to create, analyze, apply, and recall graphic elements and use tone and shade to make the drawing more realistic. Everyday for the past 10 years, I have challenged myself to learn a new concept about economics. Sometimes it takes me weeks to learn a new concept. For example, I have been stuck on what price would a downstream monopoly charge to an upstream monopoly. So, to me, the implications of Bloom's is that real learning is holistic and relationships need to be built between prior learning to make sense of new learning. For this reason, I think real learning is difficult. There's a Buddhist saying that I think goes, "When the learner is ready, the teacher will appear." I wonder what the teacher is. Is the teacher insight? A scaffold to the next level? A change in perception?

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