Sunday, December 23, 2012


Proctor and Gamble will soon market a product called Olestra, which can be used in place of fat in cooking, but is very low in calories. Thus it will be possible to make low-calorie hamburgers, French fries, milkshakes, and so forth. True or False: The average American will weigh less after this product appears on the market.

This product is excellent and it is used in potato chips.  This is my take on the problem.  There is will be a change in demand for products that use fat in cooking such as Lays chips so that less is demanded at each price.  But there will be a change in demand for products that use Olestra so that more will be demanded at each price.  So there will be no change in the weight of the average American.  Americans will eat more Olestra products.  The same will happen when electric cars replace gas propelled cars.  What I mean is that when the cost is reduced for cars, people will drive more.  


  1. Olestra will only help Americans lose weight if it provides adequate satiety. Other experiments with low fat foods suggest that most people will simply eat more, usually more than obviating any dietary advantage, as they seek the level of satisfaction they might otherwise obtain from simply eating real butter, lard, duck fat or the like.

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