Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wrestling Dropped From Olympics

The Economist has an article here.

For 50 years, wrestling has been my life or part of it.  Wrestling afforded me the ability to stand up to bullies, open doors of opportunities, systematically develop my innate physical abilities, shape my mental attitude toward adversity, and meet tremendous people.  I have often wondered how my life would have turned out if I had devoted my life to playing the violin, which was a choice I considered.  Wrestling for gold in the Olympics was a  dream for me.  I watched the Munich Olympics in awe and attended the Montreal Olympics to watch in person.  The ideals that I learned from the pursuit of a dream have "stuck" with me forever.

When I saw some of the Olympic wrestling on television last summer, I was disappointed.  I didn't recognize the sport that I knew.  The rules had changed so much that I actually turned off the sport that shaped my life in favor of something on the History Channel.  It was my thought that the governing body of Olympic wrestling had changed the rules so much that they had ruined it.  Removing it from the Olympics all together was the next step.

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